Affiliated to Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur

Recent Events

Women empowerment in India: The Issues and Challenges - January 29, 2012
The contribution of Distance education in Girls Education- December 2, 2011
Women Entrepreneurs and export trade - a training workshop - December 5, 2011


  1. Help Rural / tribal women and adolescent girls to develop their personality.
  2. Conduct various professional courses for women / girl economic empowerment.
  3. Include Women's Studies as a subject in various courses to raise sensitivity towards gender awareness in the society .
  4. Organize various awareness programs in collaboration other public organizations through audio-visual media.
  5. Organize camps for rural and tribal women to make them aware towards health and hygiene.
  6. Promote Women disciplinary research, training and extension activities through the organization to promote women's studies.
  7. Develop clinical literature through the medium of books, research journals, reports, research papers, articles etc about women.
  8. To change the view of society in the context of gender discrimination.
  9. Organize extension lectures, seminars, workshops, etc. egalitarian to reciprocate ideas and experiences.
  10. Evaluate women related issues by various research projects, training programs and studies.
  11. Create documents and reports related to women's welfare programs undertaken by state - non-government schemes - programs .
  12. Provide emotional support and guidance to the marginalized and disadvantaged members of society.